Potassium permanganate is packed and shipped in various kinds of drums and bags. Standard packing includes 25 / 50 / 150 G.I.M.S. / H.D.P.E drums.                                 50 kg. P.E. bag packing is also available.

Drums for export are U.N. certified. Drums are palletized and shrink wrapped for shipping. Special packing is considered on customers request.

Standard 25 kg. G.I.M.S. Drums



Standard 50 kg. H.D.P.E. Drums



Standard palletized and Shrink wrapped 25 kg. H.D.P.E.  drums (U.N. certified)



Standard 25 kg. M.S. Drum Packing



Standard 25 kg. Plastic Pails



Standard 150 kg. M S Drums






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